Redução de Variância de Angola is a management consulting company that is committed to DELIVERING PROCESS EXCELLENCE. Together with our associates we guide corporations to transform their enterprises. We are committed to excellence in everything we do. By delivering effective change and lasting results, our teams will create processes whereby corporations can thrive, learn to embrace and excel in challenging business situations.

At RVA and it’s founding company Variance Reduction International, we employ the Lean Six Sigma processes to provide a rigorous, structured and yet balanced approach to help manage, improve quality and overall performance in any enterprise. The approach consists of a set of powerful statistical tools, techniques and methodologies that will propel organizations along a path to efficiency and profitability.

We take great pride in our experienced and exceptionally well trained associates. Not only are they all Certified Master Black Belts trained, but they are experts in their industry fields. Each possess extensive work backgrounds as a forefront to their resumes followed by lean six sigma specialized training and facilitation experience.

Our systematic and successful lean six sigma approach, combined with an extraordinary team of talented professionals continually strive to maximize operational efficiencies, reduce costs, unlock growth potential and effect transformative change for all our clients since 1999.